Week 8th.


I almost participated in all of the weeks, but i forgot to do week 5. I actually wrote about 11 posts in this 8 week period, for me thats a lot. I received almost over 30 comments and i really like that makes me fell that people enjoy my blogs. I really liked to write about the photo I think it was week 3, because I wrote there about my name and why i like spring. I only used Canva for the photo for week 3. I think I’m going to post some more blogs, because my teacher loves this blog website and the challenges and I love It too.

I shoved my dad my blogs and he was shook, because his learning English and he wants to be better at it. He was shook, because he didn’t know I write these blogs and he didn’t know that I know English that well. It made me happy.

I will probably write my blogs about how my summer went, but maybe you have some ideas what you want me to write about?

Good bye for now,


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  1. Thanks so much for being such a dedicated student, Kerija, and for being willing to try and also for sharing yourself. Yes, I was always glad (and proud) when I saw that people were commenting on your and other of your classmates’ blogs. I am happy to know that you are thinking of continuing. I know you are a talented songstress! Have you ever written and composed a song in English? If not, I challenge you to do so this summer!

  2. Hello, Kerija!
    I am back to comment on another blog post and I am so happy to see that you have enjoyed the blogging experience. I would encourage you to keep at it. As I said to one of your classmates, we all want to know that someone values the work we do, and we feel that way when we receive comments. But there are also many times someone reads a post and likes it, but doesn’t take the time to comment or is busy or just shy to do it. So for those 30 comments you had remember that there were many more who read your words and thought about them.

    Your father is right to be proud of you. I am so impressed by how well your class has been writing in English. I think in my school, where the students study Spanish, no one in 8th grade would be able to write a post in Spanish as you have done in English. And I have read that your class studies Russian as well. Keep up the good work! Being able to speak several languages, or even just 2 languages, is an important skill.

    I am happy to have learned about you and your thoughts and I hope that you and your family have a safe and healthy summer. I am not sure when your school year ends. The last day at my school here in USA is June 5, but different parts of the country have different schedules. Lai jums laba vasara! (I used Google translate – I don’t know if this is correct!)
    Mrs. Ruffing
    Volunteer Commenter for the Student Blogging Challenge

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