Week 7: Emojis.

These are my emojis.

The happy ending story.

One day there was a smilie boy that rides goat’s (weird). He trained about 7 years to get to the Worlds goat riding championship. He made it to the Worlds goat riding championship. The only sad thing he had to go against a girl. They both were so competitive and they hated each other.

When the racing started they were really against each other. One round the girl beat him, the next round the boy beat the girl. And it went like that for a long time. When it ended the winner was the girl and the boy finally had respect for the girl. What would you know they started talking and exchanged numbers.

They fell in love.

You are so welcome to finish my story how you would like it.

One thought on “Week 7: Emojis.”

  1. This is so awesome! This is a modern day legend or fairy tale! I love it, Kerija. I think this gives me a great idea for future assignments with students. I like how you really developed the idea more in your words. Which did you come up with first, the emoji story or the word story? OMG!!!

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