Christmas in Latvia.

Christmas is at the corner. Latvian’s are pretty exited, because we love Christmas. We celebrate Christmas like no other. Everyone gets presents for each other. Every family gets together and they have a blast together. Some family’s buy’s some carrots, potato’s and apples, and then they go to the woods and put them everywhere for the animals. Other family’s just help each other with cooking or decorating.

My family usually gets together at my grandmas and grandpas house. My grandma always surprises us with her special food. Then we go to the woods and put the carrots, potato’s and apples. After that we go back to the house and eat so much food that our stomach’s can EXPLODE. Then we open present’s and play some games.

This year our family is going to pretty much do the same things expect the food. This year we aren’t going to have a roast some potato’s and gravy, but we are going to have sushi, because we love sushi. I know it’s different, but that’s who we are we’re different. We’re going to go to the forest to get our Christmas three. My family really loves Christmas.